There are dozens of free parking spaces within a five minute walk of our sanctuary. Free street  parking is available along and around the Upper Common, in the Workers Credit Union parking lot located at 815 Main St, or at the Post Office. Please observe crosswalks.

There’s one handicapped spot on the left-hand side of the building near the Caldwell Place entrance. Additionally there may be limitations on spots outside the entrance on Caldwell place during the winter because of ice on the roof which may cause a falling ice hazard. Please contact the church for info regarding parking accessibility or any other questions you may have, email them to or phone 978-343-6307

If you are facing commons looking towards the front of the church, the street on the right side has the most number of crosswalks with signals. For safety purposes, we suggest that you use that side of the street.

Like many historic buildings, we do not have a parking lot of our own. We are subject to winter parking bans put in place by the City of Fitchburg. In the event of inclement winter weather during Sunday morning services or other church activities, check the city’s website for parking ban information. Also, follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information.