Announcement Re: Covid-19

picture of office tools like post its, pens and clothespins for pinning up notes I guess.


Hello friends,

It has become unavoidable that we shall face a trial together at this time. The COVID-19 pandemic is a reality that we must face together. We should do what we can to prepare for what’s possible to come while we pray that this shall pass us by.

We are fortunate in that we understand how viruses function and that the precautions are easy for all of us to take. Simply wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, observe social distance, and if you feel symptoms, care for them as equally as you protect others from them. We must operate as one national family at this time so that we all succeed against it. Some choices might seem extreme, others not extreme enough. Use basic common sense and remain calm. This too shall pass.

As of the time of this writing, 2:47 PM on Friday, we will be holding service on Sunday, March 15. You are invited to sit at a distance of 6 feet from one another, except for those with whom you arrived. Coffee hour will be canceled this week. Whether or not public services continue will be determined on a daily basis moving forward.

The service this Sunday will be broadcast on Facebook live through the church’s Facebook page for those who would prefer to stay home. If and when it is decided that we will no longer hold public services, they will be broadcast on YouTube with links shared through our various social media platforms and by email to the congregation.

An online opportunity to make an offering will accompany the link in some way. You may also mail your offering to the church office. We appreciate your continued generosity as we maintain the building and staff during the outbreak.

Make a point to stay in touch with one another right now. This is an unnerving time regardless of the outcome. It’s difficult to face what we don’t know or understand, or hear too many versions of the truth about. Connect with each other through our Facebook page or other forms of online communication. Call one another. That’s the best thing. Make phone calls. I know we are cold New Englanders, but we can make an exception, just this once. 😉 (You all received our directory by email). Please encourage and help each other. We need to be closer now than ever. Make at least two new friends in the congregation during this outbreak if you can.

To all of you, I hold you in my prayers as if you were standing with me right now, May safety overwhelm you and peace surround you and good health to all those whom you love and yourself as well, amen.

God bless,